SuSy internship Elena Angelova at brain store project

SuSy internship Elena Angelova at brain store project

The programme line SuSyis a great opportunity for organization such as Brain Store Project. The lack of young professionals who would like to develop their administrative experience and capacity as cultural managers in Bulgaria often creates difficulties in the capacity of the organization. Brain Store Project invited the young critic Elena Angelova to work closely with the team. Her theoretical background has helped her to actively engage with the editing of the text materials for the booklet of the "Without Distance Platform" for Dance Practices and Theories. Elena took over the communication with the participants and the teachers at the Platform, and all necessary local coordination. 

Elena Angelova  has been into classical ballet training and contemporary dance practice for many years. In 2011/2012 she began her professional education in the faculty “Dance Theatre” in the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts. However, one year later she transferred to another faculty “Theatre studies and Theatre management” and in 2015 she acquired BA degree. Elena’s articles, reviews and interviews have been published in most of Bulgaria’s culture magazines and medias, such as “Homo Ludens”, web portals “Culture” and “New Dramaturgies”, etc. As a theatre specialist she has gained experience in International Festival for Contemporary Dance and performance „Antistatic” and International Theatre Festival “Varna summer”.

01.03.19 - 30.06.19

Sofia, Bulgaria

supported/organized by brain store project