SuSy internship Jan Rozman at NDA Slovenia

SuSy internship Jan Rozman at NDA Slovenia

"I was supporting the workflow of NDA Slovenia association as an assistant/junior producer during the period of half a year. My tasks were mostly focused on organizational and administrative work for the organization. Working in a role of a producer for the first time the learning curve was quite steep but with the help of the whole NDA team I was able to contribute and support the organization in a productive manner. I learned a lot in this half a year – I gained skills in communication with potential audiences and online promotion. I was engaged in executive production of several projects in which NDAS is participating. This hands-on work was, despite the limitations and changes of the workflow brought by the Corona crisis, for me a very valuable experience that will allow me to perhaps partially continue working in executive production of the performing arts. Besides this I was also strongly involved in projects connected with digital archiving/digitalization of the archive and the technical aspect/upkeep of the organization’s digital presence – administration of multiple webpages and maintenance of a local server." (Jan Rozman, Susy)

Jan Rozman is choreographer and performer, who showed and explained his interest in gaining productional skills. For this reason, as the team is small and only two persons are working on production, we agreed to pass some knowledge to him and engage Jan more thoroughly in our work. Since our organization is based on more horizontal principles, we invited Jan to join also our organization and become our member, while the gathered skills to use further and help strengthening our organization. As a tutor, I was happy to have Jan helping enormously with digitalization and organization of our documentation. In addition, he was there to take over or help with wide scope of activities, meet people, help with promotion, production etc. We truly hope, Jan and our organization will benefit from this exchange and we will continue working with Jan in various ways in the coming future.

01.07.20 - 31.12.20

Ljubljana (SI)

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia