SuSy internship Milhai Razvan Trasnea & Alina Dura at 4Culture

SuSy internship Milhai Razvan Trasnea & Alina Dura at 4Culture

In the first year of LLB project, Alina Dura (student at foreign languages - English and swedish, at Bucharest University) and Mihai Razvan Trasnea (student at The National University of Theatre and Cinema, Bucharest - Theatre Acting department), joined the team of 4Culture as a part-time collaborators, working closely with the artistic team in the implementation of the activities - co-productions/Creative Crossroads, as well as organizing the conferences / Performance Situation Room and all logistic and technical details for the participating artists. 

Alina Dura and Mihai Razvan Trasnea also collaborated with the team in translating texts and communication materials for social media channels, websites, media partners, offering artistic support to the co-production artists. With SUSY activity they also developed new skills in the production management, organization, and artistic support for conferences and logistic support for artistic research. 

The two of them will continue to collaborate with 4Culture from 2020 onwards, as part-time. 

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01.01.19 - 31.12.19

Bucharest (RO)

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