SuSy internship Tea Kantoci at Kik Melone

SuSy internship Tea Kantoci at Kik Melone

In the frame of the SuSy activity, Kik Melone invited again Tea Kantoci to get first hand experience in an internationally working art organization. Tea Kantoci was involved in various promotional, organizational and administrational tasks of Life Long Burning activities implemented by Kik Melone with a focus on ANTISEZONA 22 program. ANTISEZONA is a project which brings an all-year-round program of presentation and contextualization of contemporary dance and related performative practices in the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is led by dance artists Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad and Iva Nerina Sibila.

Tea Kantoci is an independent curator, researcher and producer. She has a master's degree in Museology and Heritage Management (FFZG), Fashion Theory and Culture (TTF) and Journalism (FPZG) from University of Zagreb. Her focus are experimental museum and archival practices from an interdisciplinary, inclusive and feminist perspective. As a curator and author, she participated in projects: Arhiv S.M., interdisciplinary project with S. Pregrad and G. Kamnikar, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, 2022; Women and technology - exhibition with gender inclusive themes, exhibition with B. Blasin and K. Laszlo Klemar, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla Zagreb, 2021; Survival Kit, exhibition with A. Bedenko and J. Ćurković, Hall V Zagreb, 2021; Domestic, exhibition with J. Ćurković, Gallery Klub Kocka Split, Gallery Makina Pula, 2021; Women and technology - towards a gender-inclusive museum, EU project with B. Blasin and K. Laszlo Klemar, 2021, etc. She collaborates with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, the Center for Dramatic Art and with art organizations Object of Dance, Kik Melone and Divert. She is a member of the international working group for archiving and digitizing performing arts as part of the European project Non-Aligned Movements (NAM).

01.05.22 - 31.07.22

Zagreb (HR)

supported/organized by Kik Melone