SuSy internship Virág Arany at WSF Budapest

SuSy internship Virág Arany at WSF Budapest

After a selection process and interviews, WSF team chose Virág Arany as the next SuSy intern. Virág Arany joined WSF in June 2022. As a dancer and choreographer, she has already collaborated with WSF previously. She participated in one of the residency programmes of Jardin d’Europe, the former programme of Life Long Burning’s previous versions. In addition, she worked with Anna Biczók (Creative Crossroads artist) in her latest performance entitled DELICATE. As a new career development opportunity, she wanted to open up to the field of dance administration as well.

Virág started with a short-term onboarding training at WSF. Each team members presented to her their work and working methods. After the onboarding, Virág immediately started to work on projects. One of the major milestones in her work so far was the organisation of the Choreographic Convention. She mostly helped our team with logistics and management tasks. For instance, she was responsible for booking accomodation and travel tickets to the participants of the Choreographic Convention. She also joined the WSF team in going to Vienna and participating and assisting to the Vienna part of the event. During the joint train ride, connecting the two cities Budapest and Vienna, Virág has delivered a tea ceremony as a part of the special programme on the train.

Virág has become a very valuable member of the WSF team. The collaboration goes smoothly. Virág was also introduced to the Vienna team and the LLB partnership. Virág plans to stay at WSF until the end of LLB, 31 November. Potential future collaboration opportunities are being discussed with director of WSF, Gergely Talló.

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01.06.22 - 31.08.22

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation