Suutoo “STARFIRE: PARAPHERNALIA” exhibition and performance

Suutoo “STARFIRE: PARAPHERNALIA” exhibition and performance

This is the first collaboration between MDT and artist Suutoo. They are an artist working in the fields of performance, choreography, visual arts and music, creating a personal expression with methods from different fields. This led to a new working process for MDT, were the artist had a residency at the stage for weeks and built a visual arts exhibition, where they also created a performance. We see a lot of meeting points between the visuals arts field and the field of choreography, and this was an opportunity to work with and support both methods.

About the piece:

‘Starfire : Paraphernalia’ is an audio-visual exhibition and performance series in two acts by multidisciplinary artist, composer and performer Suutoo.

In ‘Starfire : Paraphernalia’ Suutoo explores poetics as a state of transformative movement and as a practice from which radical new myths can be generated. The artist recognizes this state and practice as an ancient, present and future technology of relation and resistance; as a mode of being and moving, being held and holding. ‘Starfire : Paraphernalia’ is all the things collected along the way to articulating this ‘becoming’ movement; a grand super-sonic sound-clash gesturing a new type of vocabulary for the precious things imagined and their unbound potential.

‘Encircling ourselves, in mourning as freedom, rage as softness, hope as weaponry.’

– Suutoo

In collaboration with Bryce Barnes, Curtis, Jonna Mayer, Kyla Callista, Lisa Berkert Wallard, Neva Wireko, Ronya Tamdjidi and Sofie Bariamikael.

2022-07-11 – 2022-08-10

Exhibition: 2022-08-11 – 2022-08-23

Performances: 2022-08-11 & 2022-08-20


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Suutoo “STARFIRE: PARAPHERNALIA” exhibition and performance

11.08.22 - 23.08.22

MDT Stockholm

supported/organized by MDT