Symposium participation Andreea Capitanescu & Emil Ivanescu

Symposium participation Andreea Capitanescu & Emil Ivanescu

Topics — Conference  "Architecture Dance Design"

Monday October the 29th from 9 :00 to 18 :00 — ENSAM, Montpellier [free entrance]

Tuesday October the 30th from 9 :30 to 17 :30 — ICI—CCN [free entrance]

"Architecture Dance Design" (ADD) is an educational and research project initiated by the École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Montpellier (ENSAM) in partnership with the Sapienza University of Rome, ICI-CCN, major Roman museums such as the Barberini and Corsini national galleries, and the Théâtre de la mer in Sète (France).

When schools of architecture are opening up to dance education and when the notion of "situated dances" attests to the vigour of the spatial, environmental and architectural referent in choreographic approaches today, the purpose of this conference is to put into perspective and debate the rapprochement between these two disciplines. How does the dialogue between architecture and dance modify, enrich the readings and experiments of space? How does the experience of these cross-methodologies in higher education training change pedagogical practices?

Speakers :Francesco Careri - architect and founder of the Stalker laboratory, Gilles Cusy - teaching architect at ENSAM, Elsa Decaudin - choreographer, Federica Dal Falco - professor of design at the University of La Sapienza . Rome, Michele Di Monti - curator at the Antica Barberini e Corsini Art Gallery, DD Dorvillier - choreographer and artist-researcher associated with the master's program, Emmanuelle Huynh - choreographer, Jennifer Monson - choreographer, Mathias Poisson - visual artist and choreographer, Frédérique Villemur - research teacher at ENSAM

Andreea Capitanescu and Emil Ivanescu were invited to attend to those 2 days conference, in the context of the collaboration between ICI-CCN de Montpellier and 4Culture on the topics of dance and architecture. 

Following that invitation ICI-CCN of Montpellier has welcome for a 2 weeks residency Sergui Matis in mars 2019 and 4Culture has welcome for a 2 weeks residency also Eve Chariatte (see Dance Hubs reports) and programmed her project Diaphragm Leap. .

29.10.18 - 30.10.18

Montpellier, France

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier