Tour through Tanztage Berlin for Costas Kekis

Tour through Tanztage Berlin for Costas Kekis

In the frame of Dance Hubs 2019/2020, Uferstudios offered a slot for the participation in "Tour through Tanztage Berlin" to the Viennese LLB partner danceWEB, who selected Costas Kekis for this slot.

Tanztage Berlin ( a yearly 10 days festival which presents the new and upcoming artists based in Berlin, taking place at theatre Sophiensaele. With “Tour through Tanztage” Uferstudios offers the DanceHub participants the possibility to visit all of the Tanztage performances together and in exchange with Berlin based choreographers, afterwards talking about the work seen and sharing thoughts on artistic and curatorial intents and ideas. Next to that we organize discussion sessions within the same small group about the daily practice of a young artist, including sharing of and exchange on physical practices. The sessions will be accompanied by Berlin/Amsterdam based dramaturge Inge Koks, and visited by guestspeakers (i.e. Anna Mülter, curator Tanztage, etc.) “Tour Through Tanztage” is a guided & shared do-it-yourself exercise in watching and talking about the work seen in Tanztage and their own artistic interests, practice and difficulties. 

08.01.20 - 18.01.20

Berlin, Germany

supported/organized by Uferstudios