Tour Through Thoughts 2021 for Sophia Hörmann

Tour Through Thoughts 2021 for Sophia Hörmann

In the frame of the Dance Hub exchange 2020/2021, Uferstudios Berlin is welcoming an artist selected by danceWEB in their activity Tour Through Thoughts 2021 // Uferstudios Berlin.

danceWEB selected the Austrian choreographer and performer Sophia Hörmann for this slot.


Tour Through Thoughts 2021 // Uferstudios Berlin

Each January Uferstudios Berlin organised, in collaboration with contemporary dance festival Tanztage Berlin, the Tour Through Tanztage. A ten-day exploration of the festival's program alternated with talks on artist's practices and interests. Seven artists, four from Berlin and three international ones, dove into an intense period of seeing all the performances, talk about them and discuss the topics present in their own works. The shared time, the collective watching, the ongoing exchange on the works seen created a true sense of immersion in artistic ideas (and a lot of other stuff). 

But now there is corona. We cannot meet people live. We cannot go to the theatre. But we still hope for artistic inspiration through togetherness. 

That is why Uferstudios wants to invite you into a new online series Tour Through Thoughts. 

Again seven dance and performance artists meet for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, we cannot experience the joy of going to the theatre and see performances. We will have to inspire each other! In the online Tour Through Thoughts each artist will introduce themselves and their work according to a list of questions. We hope to stir reactions and statements, opinions and experiences from the others. Not to 'judge' the work but to start the artistic exchange.

Besides the introduction we ask each artist to address a topic of importance to them. This topic could be related to their work or stand outside it. We aim to dive in together. We could watch a recommended documentary, read a text and call in some input, inspiration of enlightenment from an outside guest. As a basis for our talk. In this way the group can help to further the knowledge on the topic for the artist addressing it. And each of us others will get to know six other topics more extensively. 

Tour Through Thoughts asks for your investment, your responsibility to want to meet and exchange. 

First session / getting to know each other & the topics: 15 January 15 - 17 hours
Second Session: Wednesday 20 January 15 - 17 hours
Third Session: Friday 22 January 15 - 17 hours
Fourth Session: Monday 25 January 15 - 17 hours
Fifth Session: Wednesday 27 January 15 - 17 hours
Sixth Session: Friday 29 January 15 - 17 hours
Seventh Session: 1 February 15 - 17 hours
Eight Session: 4 February 15 - 17 hours

15.01.21 - 04.02.21

Online activity

supported/organized by Uferstudios