Transforming Relations – Choreographic Convention #1

Transforming Relations – Choreographic Convention #1

The LLB partner STUK is welcoming you to the first LLB Choreographic Convention, taking place from April 23-26, 2019, focusing on the topic Transforming Relations, offering performances, workshops and a colloquium:

Colloquium: Transforming Relations
in collaboration with the Cultural Studies Department of KU Leuven

STUK Auditorium
April 26

With Amelia Jones (Roski School of Art and Design at University of Southern California), ( Clare Croft (University of Michigan) and others to be confirmed

Concept note:

In recent years, a lot of relations have transformed: in the wake of the gay movement, the AIDS crisis and queer theory, there is increasing acceptance and legal protection of LGBTQA rights in some countries. Likewise, different genders and sexualities have become more visible in popular culture. At the same time, these are also what Angela McRobbie, in the wake of Deleuze, has called “luminosities”: in all, they are still exceptions to the rules. Heteronormativity and stereotypes of gender, sexuality, race, able-bodiedness, and classic relationship patterns, are still as pervasive and pernicious than ever. This has led to a new wave of feminism and a new call for empowerment, not just to young women, but to all kinds of subjects and bodies. 

Dance, a form of thinking through the body, movement and affect has been particularly susceptible to this and we see in many contemporary performances a desire to explore the body, sexuality, power, relations between humans and objects or human and animals in the new context of the 21st century. Encountering another body in movement is not just a simple addition. Dance is built on connections and assemblages that are more than coming together of individuals or of different constitutive elements. Movement and stasis create a flow in which relations are permanently destabilized, leading to some times profound changes in perception.

By bringing together different speakers from various context, around the issues of relations, transformation and choreography, we want to explore this issue in the dance, both historically and currently, from the perspective of dance scholars and of related theoreticians. 

More information on the other activities during this Choreographic Convention will follow soon!



23.04.19 - 26.04.19

STUK, Leuven (BE)

supported/organized by STUK