Wild Card residency for Christian Bakalov in Belgrade

Wild Card residency for Christian Bakalov in Belgrade

In the frame of the Wild Cards 2015/2016, Station offered a one week residency in Belgrade to the exchange partner workspacebrussels that chose Christian Bakalov for this slot.The artist is working on his latest production "REIN" during this residency. He further hosts a series of workshops with various participants (kids, adults, elder people, professionals, amateurs et al) who will, at the end of the working process, participate in a performance-installation under the same name. 

workspacebrussels decided to co-produce "REIN" as a Dance Works! Co-production 2016/2017.

REIN Is a performative installation.

As a second opus of a trilogy devoted to the Spinoza's concept of Eternity, REIN covers the second gender of knowledge - the knowledge of the relations that compose Me and that compose the other things.

REIN considers things in relation to a certain time and certain place, in their existence, as they pass into existence.

REIN is a process closely linked to birth and death.

A process revealing the essence that characterizes us and his experimentation under the condition of intense.

For the second part of the trilogy that I'm currently developing ,I consider the "performance" as a "permanent situation"  that can take place in any spaces of one location and can be executed by all the protagonists involved in this situation.

I’m looking for people from any social status, any age or body type.

In REIN, the body is considered as a material to compose and shape an installation that transforms with time. The duration of the installation is fixed by the last visitor.

The performance is held on February 7, 2016 at the venue Magacin in Belgrade.


04.03.17 - 05.03.17

Working Title Festival | Recyclart



09.12.16 - 10.12.16

Working Title Festival | Les Brigittines


Wild Card residency for Christian Bakalov in Belgrade

31.01.16 - 08.02.16

Belgrade (RS)


Wild Card presentation

07.02.16 - 07.02.16

Magacin Belgrade (RS)

supported/organized by Station