Workshop by Anna Biczók

Workshop by Anna Biczók

In the frame of the Creative Crossroad activity, Anna Biczók was selected by Workshop Foundation to receive a 2 years structural support by the LLB network to work.
She is receiving the possibility to give a workshop at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival as well as a 2 weeks residency in Vienna, another residency at STUK Leuven, as well as the possibility to attend and contribute to the Choreographic Convention in Berlin in 2022.

Anna Biczók is a dance artist, performer, choreographer based in Budapest, Hungary. In her works she explores body and movement as containers and mediums of the dancer’s personal dimensions (sensations, impressions, memories, emotions, fantasies). She looks at the body as an archive of all these inputs, searches for possibilities of translating them into movement, then finding words again to express the somatic experience.
Building from narratives of personal identity that are embedded in the collective, Biczók draws inspiration from her Eastern European heritage and way of living. Her strong connection to texts, to literature and to languages has a deep impact on her work.
During the Creative Crossroads cycle, Biczók continues to develop her practice using structured improvised movement and storytelling, connecting verbal and non-verbal territories of experience.
She is currently working on a duo with Polish dancer Ula Zerek, co-developing material about the peculiarities of living as women in post-communist Eastern European countries, and exploring the layers of meaning derived from their experiences. In her further plans Biczók is about to create a group piece for three dancers. This work intends to step out of the Eastern European context and compares different personal heritages with their possible cultural conflicts.

Workshop "Waxing Gibbous Moon Embodiment Party"

What is there that cannot be seen? What is the moment where we create meaning? How do sensations, image, sound and text complete each other to make us understand phenomena as “experience”?

We will dance a lot and will continuously move the focus of our perception. Using tools such as breath work, Yoga, the Feldenkrais method, astrology, and Experiential Anatomy, we go on a quest of finding the body’s willingness for expression. Starting from the perception of the body’s inner space and moving to outer space, experiences of memories, imagination, impressions, emotions will get incorporated. Is this an overwhelming set of information to incorporate? We sort them out and create our own narration and context by reflecting through writing, recreating our dance through storytelling.

How do these contexts define the experience of dance? Is there a language to our dance? A language, that is different to our dance? A language rooted in our bodies’ wisdom – an embodiment dance party under the waxing gibbous moon.

Premiere Anna Biczók – Delicate

04.05.22 - 04.05.22

trafó Budapest (HU)


Residency Anna Biczók at Les Brigittines

22.02.22 - 04.03.22

Les Brigittines (La Chapelle), Brussels (BE)


Workshop by Anna Biczók

19.07.21 - 23.07.21

ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival

supported/organized by danceWEB