workshop participation Lola Lustosa in Montpellier

workshop participation Lola Lustosa in Montpellier

Uferstudios selected the artist Lola Lustosa for this workshop participation offered by the network partner ICI-CCN de Montpellier.

Workshop title:
nyamnyam – 8000 years later - PAR / ICI

Nyam Nyam is a group created in 2012 the artists Inaki Alvarez and  Adriana Rodriguez at the crossroad of performance / visual arts / critic analysis / pedagogy / social interactions.

Combining artistic training… and straining, Inaki Alvarez and Ariadna Rodriguez founded the nyamnyam collective in Barcelona in 2012. On the edge between performing arts and experimental pedagogy, their work is sourced from the context around, encompassing human dimension, social systems, the environment… and the interaction between all of these elements. They seek to produce and share knowledge and strategies, while at the same time favouring collective action, freed from social hierarchy.

8000 years later is an archeological dive into the heart of the CCN, inviting practicing students and students from the MA exerce to explore the memory of the movement, objects and stories present on site. The excavation process is the creative inspiration behind a performance built on the three key pillars of the nyamnyam approach: build, cook and edit.

They work on a speculative vision of the present and the future.

They will adapt the installation for the CCN. With the students, they will collect objects, texts, memory of the place.



8000 YEARS LATER (project initiated in 2018) - creation in situ 2021 for ICI-CCN

Workshop with the students from April the 5th to April the 17th, 2021.

2 public opening :

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at 8pm - Studio Bagouet, La chambre d'écho, ICI-CCN

Food in its broadest sense and the social context of meal preparation and sharing are at the heart of nyamnyam's approach. With the performative installation 8000 years later, the two artists envision the beginnings of agriculture as a turning point in human history. A way of doing science fiction from prehistory and projecting themselves into the past to speculate on the future. Punctuated by two periods of public opening, their immersion in the heart of the SCC initiates processes of re research around the memory of the place.

In the evolving exhibition, researchers Joanne Clavel and Isabelle Ginot are invited to inhabit this installation, equipped with somatic and sensitive adventures, reflections on the living and experiences to be shared on ways of inhabiting the world. Collaborations will also be established with students from the Master's degree program and the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier (MO.CO ESBA), inviting them to experience the themes, objects, texts and stories deployed in this way.

TOPO Evening - Plant Finishing and Performance


Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 7pm - Studio Bagouet, La chambre d'écho, ICI-CCN

A veritable space in mutation, the exhibition will nourish the final performance, as if echoing the dimension, visible and invisible, that animates nyamnyam's work.

The showing will be a performative installation.

Download the experience report by Lola Lustosa in the upper right column.

05.04.21 - 15.04.21

Montpellier, FR

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier