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Performance Situation Room

PERFORMANCE SITUATION ROOM is a European thought space, an innovation hub, an international incubator. It allows LLB, its players and most of all the benefiting artists, writers, theoreticians, multipliers and audiences to apply their skills spontaneously on emerging situations, locally and internationally, by devising formats entirely depending on the relevant scenario.
If cultural education needs a boost, we bundle our most experienced teaching artists to ponder for solutions. If inclusion is at stake, LLB gathers its most socially skilled practitioners to develop outreach methods for the relevant situation. And where bridges to other art forms or new audiences need to be built, LLB sets out to draw a most diverse group of artists, curators and institutions from its versatile core group to ensure smooth cooperation and mediation.

Performance Situation Room Editions

Montpellier, November 2021

"On the road to nowhere..."
Vienna, July 2021

"Dialogue" Part 2
Ljubljana, January 2021

"Choreographic Turn #1: Terminological problems"
Online Event, December 2020

"Long Now Lab #3: Art and Activism by Paula Chaves"
Amsterdam, Dezember 2020

"Antisezona Part 2"
Zagreb, December 2020

"Temporary Creative Platform – Someone's Going to Take the Ball Out of the Hands of a Man Who Plays Terribly..."
Online Event, November 2020

"Temporary Creative Platform – Homo Saltans"
Online Event, November 2020

Montpellier, November 2020

Konstgruppen FUL "Baba Karam"
Stockholm, November 2020

"A Moment of Exchange"
Amsterdam, online, October 2020

"Kondenz 2020"
Belgrade, October 2020

"Without Distance Platform" 2020
Sofia, October/November 2020

"Antisezona 2020"
Zagreb, October 2020

"Dialogue, Part 1"
Ljubljana, October 2021

"The emotional Turing test"
Stockholm, September 2020

"Art Spaces and Residencies Summit!"
Skopje, December 2019

"Failure As A Practice"
Ljubljana, November 2019

"Performance, Architecture and Landscape Symposium"
Bucharest, Brussels, Tournai, Louvain la Neuve, June – November 2019


Belgrade, October/November 2019


"Art Politics Institution Body – Made for Happiness"
Skopje, October 2019


"Opening Time"
Stockholm, September 2019


"Pokretnica: Practicable - platform for contemporary art and culture "
Novi Sad, August 2019


Croatia, August – December, 2019


"Anthropology – Development Residency"
Vienna, July-August 2019

Arezzo, July 2019

"Future Clinic for Critical Care"
Vienna, August 2019

"Magazine for Dance"
Sofia, May 2019


"Without Distance" Educational Platform Antistatic Festival
Sofia, May 2019

"TASK Collection"
Zagreb, December 2019

"Decision Making Body"
Ljubljana, April 2019


"Advocacy Conference “Network of Residencies in South-East Europe#NORSE”
Ljubljana, April 2019

March – December, Croatia 2019

Koreografikritikverkstad (Choreography Criticism Workshop)"
Stockholm, March/April 2019

“Voneinander Lernen / Common Learning - Bodily Knowledge in the Social Sphere” laboratory
Berlin, November 2018 – February 2019


"Choreographic practices and environment"
Montpellier (FR) & Bat Yam (IL), November 2018

Upcoming Events

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