• Prix Jardin d'Europe prize sculpture 2014 by Deborah Sengl © Moritz Wallmüller

Prix Jardin d'Europe

The Prix Jardin d’Europe, the European prize for emerging Choreography, was established in 2008 and was first awarded in the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival. It was then awarded annually in the frame of different emerging works festival in Brussels (2009), Istanbul (2010), Bucharest (2011) and again in Vienna (2012). This highly endowed prize with EUR 10.000,- serves as a landmark initiative to support and celebrate young emerging dance art on a European level and is award from 2013 till 2017 in Vienna in the frame of the [8:tension] - Young Choreographers' Series.

The Labo Prix Jardin d'Europe is a format flexible modul, organised indepedently or in connection to a local event of festival by a LLB network partner. The Labos shall combine several LLB activities: presentation of Dance Works! pieces, showings of residencies, hosting of Critical Practice or teachback editions or the LLB network meeting. The Labos shall increase the visibility and the mobility of artists and the circulation of their works. Labos are held in Zagreb (2014 by Tala Dance Center), Bucharest (2015 by 4Culture), in Brussels/Amsterdam (2016 by workspacebrussels & Het Veem Theater) and in Stockholm (2017 by Cullberg Ballet)

The Prix Jardin d’Europe is awarded in the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival to a production presented in the frame of the [8:tension] – Young Choreographers’ Series. The Professional Prize consists of EUR 10.000,- as well as an artistic residency including studio, housing, travel and per diem.

Further, the Prix Jardin d’Europe now reaches out towards its audience and asks for participation: take a look at the next generation of contemporary choreographers and vote for your favorite fan clip, designed by the nominated artists themselves, in the frame of Fan Award.


The selection
The productions being nominated for the Prix Jardin d’Europe are selected by a curatorial team that consist of the artistic director of [8:tension] – Young Choreographers’ Series, an artistic adviser of the ImPulsTanz festival and one representative of the Life Long Burning network that changes each year.

10-14 productions from the emerging European dance scene are selected, 3-4 productions being dance pieces/performance co-produced by the network partners of Life Long Burning in the frame of the activity Dance Works!


The professional prize
An alternating jury consisting of 3-5 experts views all nominated productions and selects the winner of the Prix Jardin d’Europe, endowed with EUR 10.000,- based on their established criteria. The Prix will be awarded during the celebrations of the Award Ceremony, hosted by different public figures each year.


The Fan Award
The audience of the [8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series as well as the European online audience are able to vote for their favourite fan clip, designed by the nominated artists themselves, on the website www.lifelongburning.eu.

Upcoming Events

  • 13.08.17 - 13.08.17 Prix Jardin d'Europe Award Ceremony 2017 MORE

Prix Jardin d'Europe laureates 2008 - 2015

2015 - awarded in the frame of the [8:tension] - Young Choreographers' Series

Elina Pirinen (FI) "Personal Symphonic Moment"
Ligia Lewis (US) "Sorrow Swag"
The FM4 Fan Award was given to
Simon Mayer


2014 - awarded in the frame of the [8:tension] - Young Choreographers' Series

Jillian Peña (US) " Polly Pocket"
The Fan Award was given to
Rebecca Patek 
The ImPulsTanz Prize was given to
Dana Michel "Yellow Towel"


2013 - awarded in the frame of the [8:tension] - Young Choreographers' Series

Amanda Apetrea (SE) & Halla Ólaffsdóttir (SE/IS) "Beauty and The Beast"
The Prix Jardin d'Europe Audience Award was given to
Willi Prager "The Victory Day"
Mariana Tengner Barros/EIRA "The Trap"


2012 - awarded in the frame of the [8:tension] - Young Choreographers' Series

Florentina Holzinger (DE/AT) „Silk“
Eeva Muilu & Milja Sarkola (FI) „In Human Disguise“

The sculpture “Papilotte” was given to 
Naoko Tanaka (DE/JP) „Die Scheinwerferin“


2011 - awarded in the frame of eXplore dance festival, Bucharest
Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz (PT) - A gesture that is nothing but a threat

Artistic residencies were given to:
Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (IT/BE) - Cow's Theory
Clement Layes (FR) – Allege


2010 - awarded in the frame of iDANS04, Istanbul
Maria Baroncea (RO), Eduard Gabia (RO) & Dragana Bulut (BA/RS): „E.I.O"

Artistic residencies were given to:
Fabián Barba (EC): „A Mary Wigman Evening"
Bloom! (HU): „City"

A special appreciation of the jury went to
Maud Le Pladec (FR): „Professor"
Pieter Ampe (BE) & Guillherme Garrido (PT): „Still Standing You"


2009 - awarded in the frame of Working Title Festival #3, Brussels 
Claire Croizé (FR/BE): "The Farewell"

Artistic residencies were given to:
Florin Flueras (RO): "A brave search of the ultimate reality"
Varinia Canto Villa (BE): "During Beginning Ending"
Lilia Mestre (PT/BE): "The Live-In Room"


2008 - awarded in the frame of the [8:tension] - Young Choreographers' Series

Dalija Acin (RS):„Handle with great care"
Olivier Dubois (FR): „Pour tout l‘or du monde"

Artistic residencies were given to:
Ayse Orhon (TR): „Can you repeat?"
Cristina Blanco (ES): „cuadrado_flecha_persona que corre"
Ibrahim Quraishi (NL/PK): „Islamic Violins"