teachback is a research activity at the interface between dance creation and dance education exploring the similarities between current forms of teaching and producing dance. Its aims is to question methods and to introduce new approaches in dance teaching relevant for the building up of artists whose profile and skills require nowadays diverse and individual knowledge, flexibility and capacity to develop opportunities for further professional and artistic work. The teachback programme consists of modules in which the participants are engaged in a research discovery process based on the sharing of experiences through peer- to-peer discussions. teachback is also an activity enhancing local communities as these modules are realized in cooperation with local artists and institutions (universities, dance academies), with the aim to pave the way for an evolution in art education and art practice in general.


The activity teachback originated from the activity teaching the teachers, check out previous teaching the teachers editions (2008 - 2013) here

teachback editions 2013 - 2017

teachback 2017 Vienna

teachback 2017 Bucharest

"Let's Talk About Dance – Feedback Lab Goes Public" | 2017 Berlin

teachback 2017 Brussels

teachback 2016 Budapest

teachback 2016 Vienna

teachback 2016 Bucharest

teachback 2016 Skopje

teachback 2015 Vienna

teachback 2015 Bucharest

"Let's Talk About Dance. Feedback Lab goes Public" | 2015 Berlin

teachback 2015 Brussels

teachback 2014 Vienna

teachback 2014 Bucharest

teachback 2014 Budapest

teachback 2013 Vienna

Laboratory on feedback in artistic processes | 2013/2014 Berlin



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