Artistic Exchange Residency 2023

Dominique Tegho

Dominique Tegho was selected by Moving in November Festival for an Artistic Exchange Research Residency. She works in the studio of choreographer Liisa Pentti + Co and experiences the whole festival. Dominique has the opportunity to see all performances in this year’s Moving in November, participate in the informal conversation series Soup Talks and meet with locally working artists. Dominique’s participation takes place as an exchange between Moving in November Helsinki and Uferstudios Berlin.

Dominique Tegho is a choreographer and dancer from Lebanon based in Berlin. Drawing from her personal experience leaving the Middle East, she often explores how borders are at play, questioning the notion of home and habitability. She is interested in the body as a site for representation and reference, as a physical intervention, as an instrument of social change, and dance as its tool for transformation.
Her research currently focuses on unearthing new ecologies through choreographic practices. Blurring the border between fiction and reality, she often perceives the performative space as an uncharted territory that provides possibilities for recomposing life together. During her residency at Moving in November she will be researching states of fragility from a hydrofeminist perspective, as part of her upcoming solo metal & rust.