Workshop Foundation

Workshop Foundation was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing support for independent artists, encouraging their artistic development in order to facilitate the development of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene as a whole. Its main strategic objective is the encouragement of border-crossing – both geographically and among artistic disciplines.

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Workshop Foundation is involved in the following Life Long Burning activities:
OPEN CALL | Artistic Exchange Residencies in Berlin and Budapest

Uferstudios Berlin und Workshop Foundation Budapest are offering two differently designed exchange residencies for professional movement and dance artists who work in Hungary or who are based in Berlin! Application deadline is 14 April.

27.03.2024 - 14.04.2024
© Almud Krejza
Network Meeting at Festival Programme Commun

This weekend Festival Programme Commun is kicking off in Lausanne! Apart from a vivid performance programme Arsenic invited to a Life Long Burning meeting, which includes a three days watch-and-talk programme for our Creative Crossroads artists, led by Ysaline Rochat.

14.03.2024 - 17.03.2024 @ Lausanne
Imre Vass on residency in Zagreb

Imre Vass, our Creative Crossroads Artist nominated by Workshop foundation, is about to start his residency in Zagreb! During his stay he will be busy researching and articulating his solo dance performance practice. “In this period of my life and career there is too much thinking and worrying so I will just simply lose myself to dance.” 

01.02.2024 - 15.02.2024 @ divert / Antisezona
Imre Vass is premiering RELAX!

Imre Vass' RELAX - Strain Treatment is premiering at Trafó Budapest.

28.11.2023 - 29.11.2023 @ Trafó Budapest
Gyula Cserepes on Artistic Exchange Residency at CoFestival

Workshop Foundation Budapest sends Gyula Cserepes to join CoFestival for an Artistic Exchange Residency. The programme of the international festival of contemporary dance in Ljubljana focuses on artists who have recently created outstanding, fresh, contemporary, but at the same time very diverse choreographic works in the cultural contexts of the area of the former Yugoslav federation and Austria.

23.11.2023 - 01.12.2023 @ CoFestival, Ljubljana
Imre Vass at DunaPart6

Imre Vass was selected to present his work in_form at DunaPart6 platform in Budapest.

23.11.2023 - 26.11.2023 @ DunaPart6, Budapest
Premiere: Softwareness

Julija Pečnikar's work Softwareness, which was partly developed during an Artistic Exchange Residency at Workshop Foundation in Budapest, is premiering in Ljubljana!

23.10.2023 @ Kino Šiška
Julija Pečnikar, Alja Branc and Sara Janašković at WSF

Julija Pečnikar, Alja Branc and Sara Janašković were invited to an Artistic Exchange Residency to the Workshop Foundation in Budapest. They will keep developing the Performance Softwareness.

01.08.2023 - 14.08.2023 @ Workshop Foundation Budapest
@ Alex Mirutziu
Alex Mirutziu on residency at Workshop Foundation Budapest

Creative Crossroad artist Alex Mirutziu is currently in Budapest, in residence at Workshop Foundation.

08.04.2023 - 28.04.2024 @ Workshop Foundation Budapest
© Katalin Bobál
Tímea Laza

Tímea Laza is currently working at Workshop Foundation Budapest in the frame of On The Outset.

27.02.2023 - 31.05.2024 @ Workshop Foundation Budapest
Imre Vass
01.01.2023 - 31.12.2024 @ Workshop Foundation Budapest
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