Contemporary Dance Platform

Contemporary Dance Platform was founded in 2015 in Ukraine and is based in Kyiv. 

Take a look at their website (in Ukrainian).

Contemporary Dance Platform is involved in the following Life Long Burning activities:
Panel Discussion: Art as a way of survival

How important can the art be for our human being development? The question ”What meaning does the art have?” becomes a call to action, for an artist who lives in an area affected by crises, when every day can bring danger. Then, the artistic act it is not just a privileged choice, but an instrument of survival. Ephemeral nature of the body and the human capacity to facilitate or prevent the recovery of the interior conflict. A discussion about the artistic ways used to strengthen both individual and collective initiatives.

With Mihaela Michailov (dramaturg & critic, Romania), Vladimir Us (artist & curator, Moldavia), Enkidu Khaled (director & performer, Irak/ Belgium), artists in residence of „LifeBoat”: (H)anna Kyrychyshyn (Ukraine) and Rita Lira (Ukraine).

07.10.2023 @ Center of Projects, Timișoara
Lifeboat Residency

Rita Lira and Hannah Kyrychyshyna, two dancers from the Ukraine, visit Timișoara for a  2-weeks-residency. They are given studio space at Casa Tineretului and they will take part at the Choreographic Convention 2023. Their stay will finalize with an Open House event in which they share their experiences.

26.09.2023 - 10.10.2023 @ 4Culture, Timișoara
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