Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia

Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia operates in the field of dance education, artistic creation and production. Our mission is the promotion of and advocacy for dance.

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Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia is involved in the following Life Long Burning activities:
Open Call | HOT BODIES #4

HOT BODIES #4 is intended for dance artists who haven't yet encountered the dynamics of freelance work in this field, or who are just starting out.

Apply now and spend three weeks in May in Bulgaria. Do studio work, sessions with other dance artists, co-sharing lectures, co-sharing workshop and presentations – accommodation, rehearsal and performance space as well as per diems are covered.

NOTE: The application end got changed to 21 February!

05.02.2024 - 21.02.2024
Imre Vass on residency in Zagreb

Imre Vass, our Creative Crossroads Artist nominated by Workshop foundation, is about to start his residency in Zagreb! During his stay he will be busy researching and articulating his solo dance performance practice. “In this period of my life and career there is too much thinking and worrying so I will just simply lose myself to dance.” 

01.02.2024 - 15.02.2024 @ Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia
Through Performative and Choreographic Practices – Workshop by Thiago Granato

Thiago Granato gives a workshop at CoFestival in Lubljana: Through Performative and Choreographic Practices.

Thiago Granato invites to an artistic immersion where individual and collective work situations serve as a basis for exploring different compositional logics. Through choreography we studies the body’s performative capacity to create, penetrate, melt, fuse, move and transform different contexts. With this workshop Granato shares his work methodology and propose parameters to discuss how we can identify, situate and sustain a performative practice and a choreographic project nowadays.

24.11.2023 - 26.11.2023 @ CoFestival, Ljubljana
Gyula Cserepes on Artistic Exchange Residency at CoFestival

Workshop Foundation Budapest sends Gyula Cserepes to join CoFestival for an Artistic Exchange Residency. The programme of the international festival of contemporary dance in Ljubljana focuses on artists who have recently created outstanding, fresh, contemporary, but at the same time very diverse choreographic works in the cultural contexts of the area of the former Yugoslav federation and Austria.

23.11.2023 - 01.12.2023 @ CoFestival, Ljubljana
Premiere: Softwareness

Julija Pečnikar's work Softwareness, which was partly developed during an Artistic Exchange Residency at Workshop Foundation in Budapest, is premiering in Ljubljana!

23.10.2023 @ Kino Šiška
© Ursa Rahne
Historical Figures. Introduction to Contemporary Dance

This workshop led by Rok Vevar and Jasmina Založnik draws on documentary film footage from the collection of the Temporary Slovenian Dance Archive at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova. It takes the form of lectures and discussions, provides the spectator with basic reading and contextual tools with which we enter into the process of »reading« and thinking about contemporary dance.

13.10.2023 - 08.12.2023 @ TSDA at MSUM Ljubljana
Anneleen Keppens is on online residency at Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia
15.09.2023 - 29.09.2023 @ online
Julija Pečnikar, Alja Branc and Sara Janašković at WSF

Julija Pečnikar, Alja Branc and Sara Janašković were invited to an Artistic Exchange Residency to the Workshop Foundation in Budapest. They will keep developing the Performance Softwareness.

01.08.2023 - 14.08.2023 @ Workshop Foundation Budapest
Mojca Prešern

Mojca Prešern joined Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia in the course of On The Outset, where she is involved organizing the Choreographic Turn #7. 

01.06.2023 @ Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia
Valentina Miloš at Choreographic Turn #7

The up and coming Croatian dancer and choreographer is participating at Choreographic Turn #7: Encounter with Deborah, which is a collaboration with Antisezona.

17.04.2023 - 20.04.2023 @ Choreographic Turn, Ljubljana
The Temporary NDA Collective
01.01.2023 - 31.12.2024 @ Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia
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