Julcsi Vavra

“I am originally from Hungary but based in New York and mostly working between Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels.
As a freelancer dancer, fine artist, but sort of an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, performer, stage designer, light designer, media designer, person in charge of the scenography and the
costumes, working with fine arts and cinema, sometimes painting about it - I’m immensely interested in creation.
I have a strong background in ballet, hungarian folk dance, modern dance, urban, butoh, urban butoh, floorwork, shiatsu, capoeira, modern running, folk yoga, somatic disco, radical stretching, fine arts, philosophy, historical linguistics and improvisation. By mixing all these styles I am experimenting with a movement practice where the body falls into a hybrid unrecognisable, abstract and fully unnecessary motion. It is quite an irregular approach.
I am not really sure where I am at the moment as an artist, especially at this time..
It's hard . it is hard to define exactly what I am doing, but I am trying to condense it into one package - if you allow me to say that.
I just love to create. I am into creation and creativity and creating the creation and creating the creativity, creating the space for creativity and creation.
I love being on stage!
I live for that.
I need need need need need confirmation.
although I am not a showgirl! NONONO, I am a Contemporary Artist. Contemporary art for me means that you are in a relevant connection with the surroundings with nature with the people on a sociological, political and on a psychotronical and psychological level as well. You are in connection with the whole thing.
The whole!
and boxing for me is like boxing a pig , and I am not a box, I mean I am not a pig. I am a bird..And the bird flies and goes and goes and flies and goes and swims and goes to the water and jumps and fire and bird and water and earth and soul and earth and soul and earth and soul and fire, it is like stars!
more about
my work
my work
my work
my work
My work
is MINE!!
I refuse self-purposed art-making.
Nevertheless, I do this to bring change!”

thank you Csaba Molnár and Veronika Szabó for helping with me bio