On The Outset 2023

Tímea Laza

"I am working at Workshop Foundation for a total of 6 months during my internship from February to the end of December. As I am working as a freelance dancer as well, I have become increasingly interested in how to reach people, how to make culture attractive for them, and how to find solutions to the difficulties that arise to make the system more inclusive and truly supportive of arts. I would like to deepen my knowledge so that I can contribute to the field of contemporary dance (and art) and build a system in which I myself am happy to work. I have been following the work of Workshop Foundation for many years, which I consider to be a significant institution in the Hungarian dance scene in many aspects. As my focus has also opened up to the background work of the profession, I feel fortunate to gain professional experience in such a place where we share the same vision and values."