Creative Crossroads Cycle One 2023–2024

Adam Seid Tahir

Adam Seid Tahir (they/them) is a choreographer and creative technologist. Their two roles involve crafting performative work, coding websites, making video installations and crafting sensor-based instruments. Adam uses speculative imagination as a tool of resistance and centers their work around creating loud immersive black queer fiction. They are interested in mythological beings, daydreaming and crafting affective machines. These interests often intersect through water, where they take the shape of sirens, waterfalls and submerged transatlantic communication cables.

During the next years Adam will continue to tour their and Amina Seid Tahir’s piece ’several attempts at braiding my way home’. Showing this year at Ravnedans and Kampnagel Summer Festival.

In 2024 they will be making a new work ’EMBRACE’ together with their collective Embrace (Lydia Östberg Diakité, Meleat Fredriksson and themself). Here they will work with the braid and braiding as a social practice to care and heal within chosen and blood families. Premiere May 2024. In the next 2 years Adam will be developing another piece ’siren’ where they’ll dive into myths about sirens, näcken and the mermaid. Stories about beings that lure with sound. Adam is interested in the performativity of seduction and creating time-space portals through music. They’ll be creating 2 musical instruments that will be part of a longer research into combining their choreographic and creative technologist practices. Premiere May 2025.