Artistic Exchange Residency

Lin Da

As a performer Lin Da has worked together with choreographers in group, duet and solo works in Finland and abroad. They have strong background in movement research, improvisation and body-mind awareness practice. Lin Da has been said to be precise and sensitive performer with strong stage presence. As a dancer Lin Da senses easily the energies of the space, moves with them and passes them on. Alongside with the choreographic questions and tasks Lin Da believes that the performer's perception is one of  the most valuable tools of each dance piece. Lin Da has huge trust in performer's body-mind experiences.

Lin Das website:

Open House with Lin Da

On 20 December Moving in November is hosting one last Soup Talk for this year: Lin Da is giving insights regarding her Artistic Exchange Residency at Uferstudios Berlin this summer, where they also gave a workshop. This Soup Talk is hosted by Laura Pietiläinen. 

You are warmly welcome at this Soup Talk on December 20th at 12pm at Eläintarhan huvila in Helsinki. 

Workshop at Uferstudios

The Finnish non-binary artist, choregrapher and performer is holding a workshop lab within the frame of their 2-week Life Long Burning residency at Uferstudios.

Lin Da about the workshop: „This research is part of my ongoing choreographic process/practice that combines different disciplines, objects, sculptures, text and dance. Currently I'm especially interested in exploring with the negative spaces of mouth, navel and anus. The workshop consists of proposals for moving, touching and „connecting” with these openings of the body. I invite you to approach all the (task based) exercises with the way that is suitable for you. The workshop is intended to people who have experience and interest towards movement, dance and body based arts. Consent, curiosity and kindness are things that I wish to nurture together with the people participating in the workshop lab.“

2-days workshop lab for LGBTQA+ people interested in exploring the openings of the body | on Tuesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 3 from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm
The participation is free of charge.
You can take part both days or just on Tuesday.
The days include 15min break.

Lin Da will start their residency at Uferstudios at the end of July. In exchange, Dominique Tegho, a female dancer and choreographer from Lebanon and recent graduate of the MA in Choreography at HZT Berlin, is the selected artist who'll participate at the festival Moving in November in Helsinki. There she’ll engage in the entire program and all discursive events, while also reserving time to research and experiment in the studio. Her work revolves around exploring states of fragility in the body in relation to delicate landscapes, focusing on a site-specific practice based on geographical conditions.