Artistic Exchange Residencies 2023

Stella Kruusamägi

Stella Kruusamägi (born 1992) is an Estonian choreographer-performer based in Stockholm. With a diverse background in performing arts and dance, her interdisciplinary practice includes performance art, movement, sound art, video art, and installation. She holds a master's degree in choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts and a bachelor's degree in dance art from the performing arts department at the University of Tartu's Viljandi Culture Academy.

Her artistic work delves into psychology and psychophysics, exploring the physical and mental limits of the body, emotional and psychological states. Her work also challenges societal norms, seeking to raise awareness within our world.

Stella is a member of the interdisciplinary artist duo Garage Artist, in which she collaborates with Andrea Diaz Ghiretti. Their duo explores music, movement, audiovisual, and writing practices through a choreographic approach, and they established this collaboration to provide a platform that fosters a hybrid art experience.