Improspekcije 2023


Sewing, stitching, unraveling, the resistance of materials, are different sensory imaginaries that we transfer from craft, women's work to the thinking of performance in order to open up new possible prisms and ways of experiencing. At Improspekcije the aim is not to define what these terms are, but what they can be, how they are complicated through the curated works, and how the festival thereby creates a kind of proposal in the time and space in which we live.

Every year, we give Improspections a theme, but not with the intention of illustrating it by curating works, but as a space for thinking about poe/lithics and the methodology of embodiment and performance. This year's theme once again comes from the register of artistic interest in the relationship between materiality and performance.

The focus is put on how the works, bodies (objects) and thoughts of the artists invited are stitched together, unraveled or become a stitch in the relationship with the gaze (listening, feeling) of the viewer, the world.

The aim at Improvisation festival is, even though it presents performances and works that are not improvisation, to not only be a place of representation, but an open space of sensitivity, research, synergy of exchange and learning. That's why, in addition to the programme of international and domestic performances, Improspections offers an exhibitions set up in the performance space and a discursive-experiential programme of sharing methodologies, conversations, recording and archiving.