Anna Biczók

Anna Biczók is a Russo-Hungarian dance artist, performer and choreographer based in Vienna. She graduated at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2008, since then she has been working as a freelancer, doing both collaborative and her own work. As a dancer she has worked with HODWORKS, The Symptoms, bigNotwendigkeit, Timothy and the Things, Viktor Szeri. Her first full evening length choreography We won’t eat dogs! was presented at L1danceFest in 2014. Her work Precedents to a potential future premiered in Warsaw Body/Mind Festival 2017 and since has been invited to Ljubljana, Birmingham, Batard Festival Brussels and dunaPart Platform Budapest, among others. She creates movement-based performances rooted in the autobiographical that are focused on finding physical forms to non-physical territories of the inner world.


Bodies that are exposed, that explore, sense, crack, fall apart, rebuild themselves, recover… How much does the body express its personal and cultural content through dance? How does it show its own truest essence when words don’t help or confuse? The dancers‘ origin stories were first shaped through dialogues between movement and text, then the texts were left unspoken. With the help of their ancestors shouting or whispering through their cells, Anna Biczók and her dancers searched for what it means to be a woman in Austrian, Hungarian and post-soviet RussianUkrainian contexts. Women next door, on the same side or on different ones – it’s a delicate area.