Soa Ratsifandrihana / ama brussels

Glitch Choir

Unity in dissonance – Deva Schubert takes up an ancient tradition that, across cultures, has predominantly been practiced by women: the work of grieving and lamenting. With the tool of the “glitch” – the interruption or faulty transmission of an image or a video – she deconstructs an Italian lamento. Usually a strictly digital, intangible phenomenon, Schubert and her co-performer Chihiro Araki make the glitch audible, visible and palpable in dance through their bodies and voices. Glitch Choir invites the audience to understand disruption as an opening, in which complex, resistant and historically oftentimes disregarded forms of grief can be expressed. The mumok’s white cube becomes a resonance chamber where discords and jarring notes form a collective song.