Jette Loona Hermanis & Anna Ansone


“A score that can function only through utterly committing to the delusion”: that is Jette Loona Hermanis’ FrostBite. A seemingly convoluted, nuclear world of winter, populated by polyclay works of artist Sofija Frančeska Putniņa and a peculiar family consisting of three people and a root. But it doesn’t take long until we start to recognise ourselves behind the skin prosthetics (by Martina Gofman) and the alien-seeming make-up, until their strange educational methods resemble the rituals that we like to impose on ourselves and each other on the daily. The eccentric way in which Hermanis and her co-performers Anna Ansone and Krišjānis Elviks “play house” makes palpable how our desire for pre-installed roles and rules control even our deepest and most abstruse fantasies.