Nina Traub

born 1992, choreographer, dancer and a multidisciplinary artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Interested in the research of movement through temperature, music, angles and  landscape and examines the body from a sculptural and plastic points of view, working with various materials, colors and textures and creating herself the visual environment of her works. Her stage works string along with drawing, through them she tries to understand and precise her choices, deepen her research. Graduate of the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem. Trained from an early age in various professional dance establishments.

She is a lecturer at the multidisciplinary unit at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
Performed her works at: Théâtre de la Ville, Cité-International des Arts (Paris); Im_flieger (Vienna), Officine CAOS (Turin), CIRCE - Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre (Georgia); YARAT contemporary art space (Azerbaijan); Habait Theatre, Tmuna Theatre, Suzanne Dellal International Exposure (TLV) ; Jerusalem International Dance Week, Museum for Islamic Art, Hazira-Performance Art Arena, The International Performance Conference (Jerusalem); and more.

Residencies: Le CENTQUATRE- PARIS, Ménagerie de Verre, La Briqueterie, Cité International des Arts (Paris), P.A.R.T.S / ROSAS (Brussels), Im_flieger (Vienna), Habait Theatre, Kelim Choreography Center, Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre (Israel)

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Anat Bosak

is a multidisciplinary artist, stage and costumes designer, currently living and working in Montpellier. She is part of Platform LAB-L and works at Atelier des cristalliers. Anat moves between behind the scenes of the show world by designing lighting, sets and costumes for various artists such as Laura Kirshenbaum, Anne Lise Le Gac, Laura Learth Moreira and more.  

To the front of the stage and a performance in her own choreographic works. that preformed as part of various festivals in the world. She has created several installations for children (and curious adults) as part of the "Sablat" projects in Jerusalem,  and several children's plays in collaboration with the Science Museum in Jerusalem. Nowadays, she is working on her stage work MATTER with choreographer Nina Traub. Stage work with the artist Mariana Viana. And more sweet things to come. 

MA holder of the research and choreography program Exerce ICI CCN center Montpellier (2019-2021) with a scholarship from the French Embassy in Israel. Graduated from the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem (2013-2017) with an excellence certificate.


Nina Traub and Anat Bosak are two choreographers coming from the same language, both esthetically and lingually. They both create a part of their work, at least, by the connection of a word, or a feeling, to a representative material or form. Together they strive to develop a stage project through which to study the metamorphosis of a word into a material. For the aim of decoding the Tree of Life, we will approach it by the means of movement. It will act as the indicator - the small piece of paper changing colors in a urine sample. Using the words symbolically inscribed on the Tree of Life as instructions, it will explore as only movement can: changing forms, fluidically floating, barely touching at times, yet concrete (but not constantly).

We will climb the Tree of Life deconstructing and rebuilding our understanding of it, with the 12 processes of material transformation as our modus operates, with the hope of better understanding the meaning of life.

Just kidding.

Hoping to eventually say something meaningful about constructs and the world of images we live in.

(Extract of the artistic dossier.)

Work in progress showing on 6 May. Book your tickets here.