On The Outset 2023

Emma Talló

I am an open- minded, sociable student, currently doing my bachelor in Arts and Culture Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.
Arts and culture have always played essential roles in my life due to my extensive experience in several fields of the arts (sewing, vitreous enamel), drama classes, playing the marimba (10 years) and contemporary dancing.

In order to find the most suitable path for myself, I've tried out running our own business with a friend (buffet in our school) and I've done some research regarding various issues, for instance cultural consumption. To learn more about the field of comtemporary culture, I did an internship at a dance festival in Vienna. I had an insight of how the festival works, and I learned about the policy that is relevant in these cases through the administrative tasks I had.

To explore the world, I’ve participated in several international camps (Europe on Top and EU camps) and a participatory filmmaking project.