On The Outset 2024

Val Holfeld

Val Holfeld is the brand new cultural worker in the frame of On The Outset at danceWEB in Vienna. Val supports in the organisation of this year's scholarship programme during ImPulsTanz – International Dance Festival.

Val Holfeld is a curator*, costume- & set designer* and a art educator* based in Vienna. They graduated in Art Education and Design in Context (BA) 2023 and currently studies Contextual Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Their practice shifts around the topics of finding common grounds, humor as a political tool and viewing curation as a set-design to overcome the power dynamics of care. In their curatorial work, they use humor and playful imagery in reference to pop- and queer culture to allow multiple senses and radicalness into the room.

Together with five emerging artists from Vienna, Val founded the Off Space HUFE (former known as Zirkusgasse Kollektiv) in 2023. The collective showcases emerging FLINTA* artists and views the curatorial practice as a stage in which care work and theatrical happening meet in a new way. Val worked as a production manager at Schauspielhaus Wien in cooperation with Wien Modern (2023), Bregenz Festival (2020- 2022) and has collaborated with set-& costume designers in various plays mainly in german speaking theatres. Recently a collaboration in costume design with Christof Hetzer was seen at Nikikai Opera Foundation in Tokyo 2023.

Upcoming 2024: Together with Ju Aichinger the Duo will design the costumes as well as the stage for the new piece hold yr ache 2 my ache by Lau Lukkarila. Currently their curatorial work molten rift can be seen at Tart.Vienna, a project space of Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Gallery. 

Website: www.valholfeld.com