On The Outset in Berlin

Uferstudios Berlin are offering a paid internship position between October 2024 – January 2025 for artists and/or emerging production managers in the field of dance and performance in the frame of On The Outset. This call is open for everyone who wants to gain insight and learn about the daily administrative issues on running a venue like Uferstudios and learn about our network projects. This call explicitly also goes out to artists and artist-producer hybrids, who will hopefully gain an insight into how spaces like Uferstudios are run, how bureaucracy can be celebrated, and criticism could be integrated. In the long run, this experience should also hand you some solid tools for all the administrative work as a freelance artist or producer in the dance field.

You will assist the running of our venue and our Life Long Burning programme with artistic and organizational support to incoming residency artists from abroad, brainstorm and plan content of an upcoming artistic-discursive laboratory, assist the Cultural Community Center – Lifetimes by our Partner PSR collective, gain insight into the network-project Making a Difference… and all this imbedded into some beautiful general administrative work. Included in the internship is a one-week exchange with the Swedish Life Long Burning Partner MDT Moderna Dansteatern in Stockholm.

The internship at Uferstudios GmbH should start in October 2024 and will finish in January 2025. It is set out to be an approx. 20 h/week collaboration at our office for 16-20 weeks in total, with an hourly rate of 17 EUR gross. The organization of the period is flexible and can be adapted to both your and our needs, either evenly spread throughout the period, in bulks or full-time for certain weeks. 

What is expected:
Basic knowledge and a burning interest in production work and administration
Good computer skills (Office)
Artistic sensibility & critical thinking
(Basic) German and English, other languages welcome

Please keep your application simple, send us a couple of lines (approx. 500 words) on why you would want to do this internship, what you expect from it, what you would gain as an intern and your availability timewise. Send your application and bio/CV (in any form) in English or German through the application form.

Deadline for applications is 19 July, 2024.

For further details on the open call follow this link