Dance Magazine

Dance Magazine comes out once a year in Bulgaria and it is the only print media in the country entirely dedicated to dance. The feature topic of its 6th issue in 2024 is The Value of Dance. Artists, managers, writers, and researchers from different angels of contemporary dance world reflect on the value of dance practice (Chrysa Parkinson), on the changing view on dance technique and education (Jens R. Giersdorf), on the role of dance festivals (Kerstin Schroth), dance criticism (Sanjoy Roy) and dance heritage (Madeline Ritter) as well as on the social value of dance (deufert&plischke) including in the Arab world (Egypt, Jordan).

The new issue reports also on the changes at the top of world-famous ballet institutions in Russia after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, on the last edition of the leading ballet competition in Europe Lausanne Prix and other currents on the international and local dance scene. A special focus is given to dance dramaturgy by presenting some newest (Jeroen Peeters, Guy Cools) and already canonical publications (Marianne Van Kerkhoven) on the topic. 

Editor in Chief of Dance Magazine is Angelina Georgieva.