Performance Situation Room

The Expose programme brings together authors and artists from various fields of art who practice (self)archiving, (self)musealization, (self)documentation, (self)recording or/and (self)mapping through mixed formats and media. This three-day public event will explore these practices and their relation to the fields of dance and new media art.

The programme consists of a workshop, performances, an exhibition and a panel talk. Museologist Tea Kantoci will curate an exhibition presenting specific artistic methodologies for developing museum modes of working and organising, placing them in a new context. Dance artist DISCOllective (with dancing paper), new media artist Luana Lojić (with glossy playlist) and interdisciplinary artist Niko Mihaljević (with crystal phenomena) have been invited to activate their materials through experimental performative formats. Dance artists Abby Crain and Sonja Pregrad will conduct a workshop/performance Literature of Moving, the result of their ongoing research on dance as culture/collecting as responding/listening to the land.

Panel Discussion

What do the artists collect/store?

How do the artists relate to the archiving process?

By which criteria do the artists produce their “objects/documents”?

Is it meta-reflection on their own work/life, or is it driven by the need for historicizing and remembering the landscape?

Perhaps it’s just a commentary on the archival turn we’re experiencing.


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