A two-day gathering with an international outlook on dance and cultural politics. Sweden is facing a shift in art and cultural politics, and we're not the only ones. As one travels internationally in Europe nowadays, almost everyone (with a few exceptions) is talking about the massive budget cuts and how artists and institutions are struggling. In some countries, this is also tied to democratic restrictions.

We’re inviting guests from Hungary and the UK to speak about what’s happening in their local contexts, as well as to examine Swedish cultural politics and engage in conversations about how we can move forward. How can we, in international solidarity, understand more about what is happening and share examples of counter-strategies to navigate through these challenges? How can one think strategically and not just react in a state of panic?

We encourage all attendees to participate on both Friday and Saturday; the ticket is valid for both days. If you cannot attend both days, please e-mail us. The symposium is in English.

Find the detailed programme here.