Creative Crossroads Cycle One 2023–2024

Lee Méir

Lee Méir (she/her) is a Jerusalem born, Berlin based freelance choreographer, performer and costume designer. Her pieces vary from solos to collective formats, all grounded in her perspective of art as a nexus of ideas, people and craftsmanship. At the core of her artistic work lies an on-going search to understand how humans make sense out of the world around them.

‘During 2024 I will be working on a new solo piece titled ‘best before: crying creatures crying’. The solo is the first part of the two year project ‘best before’ which consists of two stage pieces and a series of platforms for exchange with the public accompanying the working process. ‘best before’ focuses on notions of perception and recognition, in order to examine the spectrum that stretches between complete ambiguity and that which is so immediate to us, that we don’t even notice it. One of my core questions is how does information transform through the gaze of who is watching, and what are the social and political aspects of interpretation - who sees what, where, and why?

In 'best before' I will continue to delve deeper into my exploration of costumes and objects as tools for building and dismantling physical, cultural, and emotional landscapes. Additionally, I aim to further explore the use of the voice as a means to investigate rhythm and pre-linguistic forms of communication.’


crying creatures crying

In her upcoming solo crying creatures crying choreographer Lee Méir uses shape-shifting to give space for the creatures that inhabit our inner lives and what they reveal about the world around us. Through tapping into dance's imaginative and emotive qualities, Méir delves into the symbolic and interpretive codes of expression, exploring the spectrum that stretches between complete ambiguity and unnoticed immediacy. Méir and her team will craft a dream-like stage language, fostering kinesthetic empathy and poetic contemplation, inviting the audience to a choreography of hybrid beings and ever transforming habitats.

crying creatures crying is co-produced by Uferstudios (Berlin) & STUK (Leuven) with the support of Life Long Burning, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, and PACT Zollverein (NRW). Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

© Gretchen Blegen
Premiere: crying creatures crying by Lee Méir

Our Creative Crossroads artist from Berlin, Lee Méir, will premiere her new solo crying creatures crying at Uferstudios this May!

24.05.2024 @ Uferstudios Berlin
Lee Méir is on residency at STUK Leuven in spring
25.03.2024 - 05.04.2024 @ STUK Leuven